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talaria backpack
The Talaria ultralight frameless backpack

We are now accepting Taleria backpack orders!

If you enjoy backpacking, then you know how quickly your backpack can fill up as you prepare for your next trip. And when you’re hiking up a big hill, you feel every extra pound of weight you’ve packed with every step you take.

At Olympic UltraLite, our motto is go light, hiker further and see more. If you’ve experienced ultralight or lightweight backpacking, then you know the difference is like night and day from traditional backpacking. Instead of trudging up the trail with your back bowed and your head hunched down under a heavy burden, you can stroll ahead standing tall, enjoying the views with a light pack. And you can do it safely with gear that’s comfortable, sturdy and well designed.

Olympic UltraLite makes quality hand-made gear and clothing for the ultralight hiker and backpacker. We specialize in making the Taleria ultralight frameless backpack. We do plan to expand our product offerings over time, to include shelter, clothing and more backpack options.