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Add Options to Your Talaria Backpack Order

If you have already placed an order for a Talaria backpack and want to add more options, please contact us first to see if there is still time to add the options that you want. Some options are only available at the beginning of the manufacturing process, while other options may be added toward the end or even after the pack is completed. Order any available options that you want below.


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Torso Length

Torso length of 17 – 21″ in whole inch increments. See the Torso Sizing tab for details on selecting your torso length. If in doubt, please contact us for help. $0 – included in base price.


Backpack Shoulder Pouches

Backpack shoulder gear pouches in three sizes. See our shoulder pouch page for details and photos. Special prices when ordered with a backpack: Small ($14.45), Medium ($17.00) and/or Large ($20.40)


Removable Hip Belt

Removable 3/4″ webbing hip belt, adds 0 oz ($5)


Top Y-Strap

Top Y-strap with side release buckle and reinforced front base, adds 0.7 oz ($15)


Horizontal Cross Strap

Shock cord cross strap with a single clip hook on the bottom of the front panel. Holds rolled or folded CCF pads or other bulky gear items. Adjustable and removable. The Bottom D-Rings option below works well with this option, but is not required. Adds 0.4 oz ($5)


Vertical Cross Strap

Shock cord cross strap with two clip hooks over the entire front panel. Holds rolled or folded CCF pads vertically or other bulky gear items. For extra wide 25″ pads this option works better than the Horizontal Cross Strap option above (a 25″ pad is shown in the photo). Adjustable and removable. Adds 0.5 oz ($5)


Internal Pocket

Removable zippered internal pocket for keys, wallet or passport. Attaches to the inside the the back panel near shoulder level – includes two attachment loops sewn to the inside of the back panel of the backpack. Inside dimensions: 6.5″ x 6.5″. Adds 0.6 oz ($15)


Mesh Shoulder Pockets

Integrated mesh shoulder strap pocket, made from sturdy Leno mesh. Available with either a draw cord closure for securing the contents, or an elastic rim for quick one-handed access. Adds 0.6 oz each ($15 each)


Front Packs

Front packs let you store multiple small and mid-sized items on your shoulder straps for easy access while hiking. Front packs also distribute weight onto the front of your body, giving you a more upright gate. A pair (right and left) are highly recommended to balance the weight evenly across your chest. Right and left front packs attach snugly to each shoulder strap with space in between, rather than hanging in between the shoulder straps. This keeps the front packs from bouncing around and allows you to easily see your feet while hiking.

These front packs are optimized to fit the Talaria backpack shoulder straps. They will likely fit most backpacks with 2.5 – 3 inch wide shoulder straps and 3/4″ daisy chains. These front packs are large enough to fit most mirrorless cameras with a standard lens.

Each front pack has top and bottom split rings for attachment to 3/4″ shoulder strap daisy chains and two elastic bands across the back to hold the front pack snug to the shoulder strap. A short daisy chain is also included on the underside to pass a sternum strap through, further snugging the front pack to your chest. If buying a pair, a custom center-connecting low-profile sternum strap is also included. Made from 100 or 210D fabric with water resistant zipper. Adds 1.5 – 2.0 oz each.


Pad Sleeves

Top and bottom back panel sleeves for sit pad or folded foam pad, with open corners, stretchy Leno mesh and elastic rims. Adds 1.3 oz ($15)


High Volume (HV) – 50L Total Volume

The total volume of the backpack is increased from 40L up to 50L. The side panels are widened to make the backpack 1 – 1.5″ thicker front to back and the back panel and roll top are widened by similar amounts. The first image below of the orange and gray pack is the 50L HV size. The second image below of the brown and black pack is the standard 40L size. Adds 0.3 oz ($5)


Load Lifters

Load lifters on the shoulder straps to pull the top of the pack forward, or to increase the effective torso length of the backpack. Reinforced attachment points to the back/roll top panel of the pack. Adds 0.6 oz ($10)


Padded Hip Belt

Standard padded hip belt with 1″ webbing daisy chain and hardware and 1/4″ foam padding, attached to the main side seams of the backpack. This option increases carrying comfort, especially when carrying loads of 15 – 20 pounds on a consistent basis. Sizes: small (28 – 32″ waist), medium (32 – 36″ waist), large (36 – 40″ waist) and x-large (40 – 44″ waist). Medium size adds 2.3 oz ($20)


Hip Belt Pocket

Removable hip belt pocket with waterproof zipper and two zipper pulls. 4″ tall x 6″ long x 1.5″ deep. Works best with the Padded Hip Belt option. Adds 1.0 oz ($17 each, $33 per pair)


Loop Roll Top Closure

Male-female “loop” roll-top closure with separate side compression straps, adds 0 oz ($5)


Ice Axe Lashing Point

Ice axe lashing point made of webbing and cam loc provides secure, wiggle-free and one-handed quick release of ice ax shafts. The lashing point is directly above the ice axe loop on the bottom of the backpack. Fits axes that are 50cm and longer. Adds 0.3 oz ($5)


Bottom D-Rings

Replaces the standard ice ax loop and auxiliary loop on the bottom front panel with the same d-ring fitted attachment loops as found on the side panels. This option is recommended if you want to place shock cord on the front of the backpack, such as in the Front Horizontal Cross option above. You can still carry an ice ax by threading a 5 inch loop of webbing or cord through one of the D-rings. Saves 0.1 oz ($5)


Optional Fabrics

X-Pac X-21 RC (black and gray) main fabrics and 330D Cordura (black) bottom are standard and included as part of the base price. The following fabric options will increase wait time and cost as they are not kept in stock and must be special ordered: 210D HDPE Gridstop (black, gray, orange, blue) adds 0 oz ($10). 100D Robic or X-Pac LS-07 saves 2 ounces ($5). 210D Robic (black, gray, blue) adds 0 oz ($5). “Cloud Gray” off-white X-Pac X-21 RC or Coyote Brown V21 X-Pac adds 0 oz ($5). Please email us to discuss and finalize any custom fabric types, colors and/or location preferences.

Torso Sizing

Your choice of torso length ranging from 17 – 21 inches, in one inch increments, is included as a standard feature. The Talaria torso length is measured from the bottom of the waist belt to the underside of the shoulder straps where it attaches to the back panel.

There are different ways to measure torso length and different people may have different torso length preferences. The following sizing instructions work well if you wear the backpack’s waist belt near your iliac crest and like the shoulder straps at or slightly below the level of your shoulders.

  1. Locate the hard, body protrusion on the side of your hips, where your pelvis sticks out at the sides. This point is approximately where the hip belt will be worn.
  2. Locate the center of your shoulder, about three inches away from the vertical part of your neck.
  3. Standing up strait, enlist the help of another person to measure the distance between your iliac crest and center of shoulder. This measurement is your torso length.


How to Use Front Pad Strap


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