Custom lightweight backpacking gear by Les Moore


In-Stock fabrics

As of 21 November, 2022, the following fabrics are in stock:

  • Coyote brown X-pac V21 (no x-grid) – 210D
  • Black and gray HyperD 300 – 300D
  • Black, gray and blue 210D HDPE gridstop
  • Gray leather LiteSkin LS07 X-pac

Fabric Characteristics and Best Uses

  • X-21RC X-Pac. A good choice for backpacks and durable pouches, this fabric has a light yet strong 210D DWR nylon face, an unique X-grid for tear resistance and a 0.5 mil PET backing film on the inside. The PET film makes the fabric stiff and highly waterproof. X-21 RC has a good strength to weight ratio compared with other popular varieties of X-pac fabric. The roll top area of a backpack, which is subject to repeated folding, may exhibit some PET film delamination after prolonged use. It is also slightly more tear and puncture prone than the other 210D fabrics below. Average weight: 4.8 oz/sqyd.
  • V-21 X-Pac. This custom fabric (available in Coyote brown) is identical to the X-21RC above, but without the X-grid. It has a 210D nylon face and 0.5 mil PET backing film on the inside. It is slightly lighter than the X-21 RC above and is another good choice for backpacks. Average weight: 4.4 oz/sqyd.
  • 210D HDPE gridstop. This material is a great choice for backpacks with an HDPE fiber reinforcement grid over a base ripstop grid, plus a non-breathable PU coating on the inside. Strong Nylon 6 base fabric and HDPE reinforcement provides extra tear resistance and strength compared to similar weight fabrics. This fabric provides a nice balance between stiffness and suppleness. Average weight: 4.8 oz/sqyd.
  • 210D Robic. This fabric is made from strong Nylon 6 yarn and has a square reinforcement grid, DWR coating and extra strong PU waterproof coating on the inside. Its moderate suppleness, weight and higher strength makes it a good choice for backpack . 4.4 oz/sqyd.
  • HyperD 300. This polyester pack fabric has a diamond reinforcement grid, DWR coating and PU waterproof coating on the inside. HyperD is smoother, slightly lighter and more supple than X-21 RC and HDPE gridstop and is a light and affordable choice for backpacks or pouches. 3.9 oz/sqyd.
  • LiteSkin LS-07 X-Pac and 100D Robic. These light weight materials are made with base fabric of either 70 or 100D nylon and weigh approximately 3.7 oz/sqyd. These fabrics work well for pouches and low-wear areas of backpacks, such as the front and side panels. These two fabrics save a few ounces overall but are a little more delicate than X-21 RC and the 210D or 300D fabrics mentioned above. The 100D Robic is a traditional square gridstop nylon with PE waterproof inside coating. But the LiteSkin has a unique non-woven outside layer which is waterproof, combined with a 70D nylon non-waterproof backing layer on the inside. If you do a lot of off-trail hiking, bushwhacking or climbing/canyoneering, then one of the 210D fabrics above is probably a better choice.