Custom lightweight backpacking gear by Les Moore

MYOG Backpack Shoulder Straps – Video Tutorial

Sewing and attaching shoulder straps is one of the most challenging parts of making your own backpack. Most of the weight of an ultralight backpack is carried on the shoulder straps. So getting the shape, position and angle of the shoulder straps is important for a good, comfortable pack fit. In this five part video MYOG tutorial, you’ll discover how I make the straps for the Talaria backpack, from start to finish. You’ll also see how I make the optional Talaria load lifters.

PDF Files

Below are links to PDF files containing the strap sewing patterns, text instructions and a strap alignment guide template.

Video Tutorials

Below are the links to each of the five YouTube videos in this tutorial:

Materials and Hardware

The fabrics, materials and equipment used to make the shoulder straps is listed below.

  • Fabric: X-Pac X-21 RC, from (#1165). This is a 210D nylon with PET inner layer, X reinforcement grid, and DWR outer treatment.
  • Mesh: 3mm spacer mesh, from (#1220-B).
  • Foam: 1/4″ 2 lb density, closed cell, from (#FY206MM).
  • Daisy chain webbing: 3/4″ black nylon, from (#WBL34).
  • Hull loop webbing: 1/2″ black nylon, from (#WBL12).
  • Strap ladder locks: 3/4″ Apex Weaveloc, from (#3141).
  • Load Lifter ladder locks: 3/4″ Standard, from (#3009).
  • Thread: Gutterman Mara 70, from (#GTDP000).
  • Needles: Organ BDx1, 90/14, regular tip, from
  • Sewing machine: Juki DDL-8700 with brushless servo motor and synchronizer, from